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Did you know? Delaware River Tubing was just ranked as one of the top five must see attractions in 2019 from the NJ Travel and Tourism Industry!

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Delaware River Tubing is the best river tube outfitter in America and we have the credentials and most importantly, the iconic, scenic and historic Delaware River to prove it. Tubing has never been better since Delaware River Tubing opened in 2003. Innovation and the need for safer tubing trips are what have driven the company to literally paddle ahead of the curve.

Tubers in Rapids

Did you know? You can exclusively enjoy the original Stay Together Strap and Tube Hand Paddles with all tube rentals, for all tubing trips down the river. Delaware River Tubing invented the Stay Together Strap and Tube Hand Paddles in 2010 and introduced the amazing connecting tube tether strap and tube paddle in the 2011 season, which was the same year the tubing outfitter won the 2011 NJ Tourism Award. You can also take advantage of our exclusive Stay Together Straps and Tube Hand Paddles to make tubing even easier and providing you with more control.

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Tubing at Delaware River Tubing is the best outdoor water sports experience that you and your family will get to enjoy this summer. Delaware River Tubing serves the tri-state area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York), offers the best and most "bang for your buck" all-inclusive river packages where everything is included in one price.

Cool off, relax and enjoy the scenic and historic Delaware River on the best river tubes in America. Float down the river in a water tube over a 5-6 mile stretch (Roughly ~3-4 hours to complete the trip in regular conditions) and get a FREE BBQ MEAL at Adventure Island with the Famous River Hot Dog Man. Enjoy your lunch on a picnic table in the water, skip rocks, see the scenic and historical Delaware River and relax while out on the tubing adventure! Tubing is something that everyone (Minimum age of 4) can enjoy!

River Rapids Tubing

Trip Description: Our stretch of river is the best for water tubing/river tubing because the water temperature averages in the 80-89 degree range, the average river depth ranges from 2-4 feet over most of the trip (can be as deep as 10 feet in some spots) and the water's current is gentle and soothing. The first half of the river tube adventure is "lazy" and perfect for beginner and professional tubers, while the second half of the river tubing trip (after the Famous River Hot Dog Man pit stop for lunch) includes 7 sets of class I (beginner level) rapids.


We have a great selection of tubes and tubing extras that you can take advantage of during your river trip. Delaware River Tubing has the most comfortable water tubes for your tubing trip down the river. Our head/back rest tubes are the safest tubes (triple chambered) and can carry riders up to 450 lbs. Handles make carrying the tube effortless and you can lean back with neck support for your 3-4 hour river tubing adventure. Upgrade tubes also feature river maps to make navigation on the Delaware River a breeze. If you prefer the standard style tube, you can still have an amazing river trip!


We offer standard single tubes with every rental. At no additional cost, we can provide double at no extra cost (limited supplies). Below you find our tube styles (colors may vary):

Small Weight Range: 0-90 lbs
Medium Weight Range: 90-150 lbs
Large Weight Range: 150-250 lbs
Two (2) EZ-Grip Handles
Heavy-Duty Material Thickness
Small Weight Range: 0-150 lbs
Medium Weight Range: 150-250 lbs
Large Weight Range: 250-450 lbs
Two (2) EZ-Grip Handles
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Hot Dog Man in Bucks County's River Country

Adventure Island: Paradise & Picnic Tables in Water

Enjoy two free hot dogs or a burger, ice cold beverage and candy bar or chips at our privately owned Adventure Island at the halfway point during your river adventure. Eat while your feet are dipped in the pristine water and see Devil's Tea Table from Adventure Island! We are the only tubing, rafting, canoeing and kayaking river outfitter that provides delicious FREE BBQ MEALS during the river adventure!

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Hot Dog Man Benefits
River Trips are all-inclusive
Water Tubing Down the River

Delaware River Tubing: Tubing Adventure

Tube on a relaxing 5-6 mile float down the Delaware River, which is the border between NJ and PA in the most historic, scenic and breath-taking river stretch. Lazy stretches with Class I rapids (beginner level) along the way to make your river tubing adventure the most fun thing to do in NJ, PA, and NY! The river averages at 2-4 feet deep for most of the stretch you will tube and the temperature of the water averages in the low to high 80's. Cool off and learn more about our river tubes, which make your tubing experience fun and relaxing.


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River Rafting

Delaware River Rafting: Rafting River Adventure

Raft on the Delaware River in one of our two-person, four-person or six-person rafts in the best stretch of river. Rafting is great excercise and is perfect for those who wish to stay dryer during their river rafting adventure. Rafting is perfect for groups, families and less-experienced river adventurers. Get great scenic views and great for new water sports enthusiasts who wish to try rafting. Rafting down the river is a great American past time and is something everyone should try during the hot summer months.


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Kayaking Down the River

Delaware River Kayaking: Kayak the Delaware River

Kayak on the Delaware River in one of our diverse selection of kayaks either solo or with second kayaker in a tandem (two-seat) kayak! Kayaks include sit-in and sit-on-top (ocean) kayaks in single and double varieties. Kayaking trips typically take 2-3 hours to complete and are a fun thing to do in NJ, PA & NY. Kayaks are perfect for kayak enthusiasts, adventurers and for those who wish to have the greatest manueverability on the water.


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Canoe Down the River

Delaware River Canoeing: Canoe down the river

Canoeing down the Delaware River is a fun thing to do in NJ, PA & NY, especially with our river canoes. Canoes hold up to 2 riders and canoeing on the river is great excercise and perfect for team building, couples and friends. Enjoy elevated views from sitting higher up that tubes, canoes or rafts. Canoe trips typically take 2-3 hours and offer breath taking views of the Delaware River. Canoes are great for fishing because you can bring your fishing gear to fish (with valid PA or NJ fishing license) during your canoe adventure!


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Floating Food Stand

Adventure Island: Paradise
Stop at Adventure Island during your river adventure.  Get lunch, enjoy your food on a picnic tables in the water, enjoy scenic views and a great swim and meetup spot on the river.
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Floating Hot Dog Stand

Unique Floating Food Stand!
Redeem your exclusive meal wristband at the floating hot dog stand on the river. It's a totally unique and fun experience.
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Delaware River Tubing offers everything you need for a fun day on the river in one, all-inclusive river packages for tubes, rafts, canoes and kayaks.
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